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Efficiency and convenience is key to the success of a business in this digital age. Therefore we introduce you to our 99-GYM book, an online club/gym management portal to manage your everyday business needs. The portal is a powerful tool adding functionality to your fitness club’s website. It is designed according to the gym/yoga/dance classes and other business category needs, with a very simple and easy interface. The functionalities allow members to interact with the club online while making their lives much easier. The portal gives the ability to allow prospective members to sign up for memberships, set up their payments and make bookings for classes and personal trainer appointments directly from the portal while removing the unnecessary barriers to complete the tasks. Using the member portal also eliminates avoidable administration and helps the members to go paperless. The portal also improves member satisfaction as it’s easy for the members to view the availability of classes and personal trainers while making bookings. The portal allows it’s members to be informed on changes and cancellations with the help of a simple click. Records such as recent expiries of registered member, birthday notification, membership status, dues and payment of the members can be checked with a help of a simple click. It also has dues reminder facility that helps to collect payment via Card, UPI, Online Banking and other available payment method. So let’s go virtual and engage for a better change.

Important Featurs & Benifits

Member Registration :-

Filling a form on paper looks not too effective. Register a member on your own digital management portal and show that you are updated with technology. It will help you to collect your clients data at one platform.

Attendance (Barcode & Mannual) Facility :-

When our clients join us for making good health or body building. We provides a daily routine to the member, but some of them does not follow the instruction and does to workout as per routine, and they don’t gets any benifits of course, and when they leave the course spreades bad reviews in the market that make a bad effect on the business. We can track them using our digital attendance system. It will help to make good routine.

Dues Reminder :-

The biggest problems in the business is collect payment and make follow-up for payment. 99-GYMbool had dues reminder featurs. You can send reminder to member along with the online payment link. Member can pay fee online using UPI, Cards, Online Banking.

Freezed Membership :-

In the case someone is not able to come for class for some time and he want to make freezed his membership time here you can easily freezed a member between start and end date , days between dates will be added to expiry date.

Dues Maintanance :-

We make transactions in our business. Some time our client makes payment in many parts, managing dues is difficult without a proper system and some time we miss some payments, and it is not good for the business. 99-GYMbook has dues maintanance system that make it very easy. We can collect payments without missing any transaction.

Send Payment Receipt by mail :-

When we receive a payment for business we provides payment proof to clients. Providing hand written receipt is not much good according to the current digital world. We have digital payment receipt sending system in 99-GYMbook.

Bulk Emails :-

Some time we need to send message in bulk but it look like indivisual, with the name of person or any other detail inside the portal you will get inbuilt bulk emails system. To send customized emails in bulk.

Renewals :-

Mananging a membership is very tough by traditional way. And it takes too much time to manage a records of 50 above members manually .Now we have made it very easy with 99-GYM book renewals features. Manage all data in very short times.

Birthday Alert :-

Every one is very excited about their birthday. And when we wishes someone for their birthday it proves that we care about them. DOB Alert system of 99-GYM book notify us that who is celebrating birthday. If you wish some one for the birthday or have a cake for him it will make him loyal against you. And he will always retain with your GYM and will make good review in the market that will be helpfull to you for increasing the buisness.

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